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It’s time to Rock the Next Stage of your talent, your business, and your life!

Whether you’re a talented musician, singer, entrepreneur, or creative professional, there comes a point in time when you know that you need to embrace your God-given gifts and talents and finally release them. Maybe people told you your ideas were dumb, you’d never make it, or you should really just get a “day job.”

But deep inside, you know you were meant for more. It’s been pulling at you for some time. Maybe you’ve been ignoring it or hiding it but the fact is it’s in your DNA. I can help you develop clarity, confidence, and a game plan for success.

Here’s how:

Coaching and Mentoring (Rock the Next Stage) Business, performance, and ADHD coaching.
Booking and Management (Next Stage Entertainment)
Video Training Program (Musicians’ Success Formula). Music biz tips and tricks for bands and solo artists.
Therapeutic Drumming (Next Stage Drumming. Great for focusing issues, stress relief, and healing!).
Speaking: Check out my inspirational talks and workshops!

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My name is Dori Staehle, MBA, Founder and CEO of Rock the Next Stage, near Raleigh, NC. I’m a Musician on a Mission: to help people rise up, use their God-given talents, and rock their next stage! I’m also a coach, mentor, speaker, best-selling author, and I do booking and management.

I’ve worked with over 900 bands and many solo artists, students, entrepreneurs and creatives. I help people get unstuck and move forward FAST! I’ve also done a ton of talks and workshops and I’ve organized hundreds of concerts and special events featuring young talent and Christian artists.

Jason Damico
Jason Damico
“Whether running or supporting artists’ shows/events, Dori conducts herself with the upmost professionalism and sincerity. Anything she is involved in or is a part of turns to gold and is nothing short of sheer excellence and success. She is trustworthy, dependable, and one of the kindest people you will have to pleasure of meeting and working with. Dori’s the definition of “cream of the crop.” ~ Jason Damico, Chapel Hill, NC, Carolina Music Award Winner. Solo artist and frontman of Jason Damico & the New Blue and the Christian rock band Cross.)

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