Motivational Musician, Speaker, and Podcast Host

Does your rhythm seem off or does your group or organization need to be more in sync? Or you a musician or singer who needs more guidance?

It’s time to rise up, find your joy, and Rock the Next Stage of your talent, business, or your life! After a freak accident, I decided that life’s too short not to do what you love. I took my hobby of drumming and turned it into a viable career.

I added something known as therapeutic drumming which helps:

Boost your health and wellness
Reduce stress and ADD/ADHD symptoms
Boost clarity creativity, coordination, and your immune system
Provide a great ice-breaker or team-building activity!

Hand drums and percussion instruments provided. No musical experience necessary!

I bounced back and so can you! I’m Dori Staehle, MBA, professional percussionist, speaker, therapeutic drumming facilitator, and podcast host (weekly podcast for musicians and singers).

Life’s short! Let’s rock! Click here to set up a complimentary, 30-min. consult or here for more info!

It’s been said there are two kinds of people in this world — givers and takers. Dori is a giver. She gives 100% of herself no matter what the task at hand. For me, it was helping me find clarity and direction in the next stage of my life and my career. Her candor, positive attitude and gracious spirit are beyond inspirational and her life experiences help inform the advice she is able to give. If you work with Dori, be prepared to feel like you can do it all — then go out and do it! ~ Shannon Hartsoe, writer and communications expert, Holly Springs, NC